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H A E ✖ H Y U K K E D

✖ community dedicated to our dear donghae and eunhyuk ✖

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H a e h y u k k e d ✖
Hello and welcome HAE✖HYUKKED! A community dedicated to our lovely fishy and monkey of Super Junior, Lee Donghae and Lee Eunhyuk. Fanworks and such that include one of these two boys or even both are very much welcomed here.


R U L E S ✖

O1. All Fanworks Must Have Either Donghae Or Eunhyuk Included.
example; donghae x_____ or eunhyuk x_____ or donghae x eunhyuk!

O2. No Bashing. Please respect the authors and artists works.

O3. Any Work That Has An Explicit Rating Must Be Members Locked. That means any fanfiction or fanworks that has a rating of R or NC-17.

O4. Entries posted must be accessible to all the members in this community for a period of 72 hours. After that you may do whatever you want with it.

O5. Any media post must of course include one or both of the boys. That includes articles, videos, pics, ect.

O6. Lastly, Enjoy And Have Fun! ^.^

A f f i l i a t e s ✖